Jul 012014

This is a compilation of commentaries presented by Arab Americans for Syria:

Arab Americans for Syria activist Johnny Achi on KPFK radio March 22, 2014 Freedom Now show with Dedon Kamathi, on the real brains behind the Syrian crisis, on the influx of arms and jihadists into Syria with increasing number of suicide bombing. On auctioning off young men by their fathers to be Jihadist martyrs to go into Syria and become a suicide bombers. The connection of what is happening in Syria (the fall of Yabroud) and what is happening in Ukraine. About the chemical weapons and the continued attempt of the terrorists to attack the convoy of shipments of the chemical weapons out of the Syrian sea. Syria is the last stronghold of secular regime in the region. United States must help Syria defeat these terrorists who if not killed, they will go back to Europe and to the US to carry out terrorist attacks. There is no secular armed opposition in Syria. The forces fighting the Syrian government are all al-Qaeda affiliated forces such as: Nusra Front, ISIS, and the Army of Islam. They’re seeking to establish an Islamic state. The flux of young Muslims with Western passports into Syria has raised fears among American and European Intelligence officials of a new terrorist threat when the fighters return

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